BE THE FIRST specialises in offering rooms for sale in some of the best new luxury and boutique hotels around the world and our aim is to bring you both inspirational and aspirational luxury hotel stays at more affordable prices.

During the first six months, a hotel looks to build its clientele and to generally get its name out to a wider audience. These fully opened new hotels represent excellent value for money because many of them launch with genuine opening offers, which is a good reason to keep checking-in to BE THE FIRST so you don’t miss any of our fantastic deals.

To guarantee we have some of the best deals on the internet, we are able to offer reservations in some hotels ahead of their official opening dates.  You can reserve your room before the hotel is open, ensuring the minute they open their doors; you’ll be one of the first to stay.

BE THE FIRST’s hotels are specially selected by our knowledgeable team and all have the same thing in common; that they offer first-rate service and facilities and represent superb value for money!

BE THE FIRST is also the first website to offer rooms to book via a hotel’s soft-opening period.  Members of the public are generally unaware of this amazing opportunity that some hotels offer to their first guests to stay at discounted rates and in return, the hotel request constructive feedback from their guests as to how smoothly the hotel is operating and whether subtle changes could be made ahead of the grand opening, thereby enhancing your stay as well as future guests.

Soft-openings were a trade secret up until now, however, BE THE FIRST negotiates with a limited number of hotels worldwide and is therefore, occasionally able to offer rooms during this key time to the general public.  So, if you’re interested in hearing about these special offers, please sign-up to our newsletter.

Wherever you choose to travel, enjoy exploring the world in 5-star style and make BE THE FIRST your number one destination!

Soft openings

BE THE FIRST is the only website dedicated to bringing you amazing offers from the little known world of hotel soft-openings when you can experience the hotel accommodation and its facilities ahead of the official grand opening.

During a soft-opening, the hotel operators are looking to become more practised in the general smooth running of the hotel. It’s a time when staff and hotel management companies are keen to stand-out and so tend to offer a higher level of attentiveness within their roles, with the ultimate desire to fine tune the services offered and thus satisfy the substantial demands expected by guests in luxury hotel establishments worldwide.

Occasionally, some of the facilities in the hotels offering soft-opening deals, may not be available during the time of your stay, such as one of the restaurants or the hotel Spa.  BE THE FIRST do our best to inform you of any facilities that will not be open for the period of your booking.

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